Attorneys... Meet Your Medical Specialists!

One of the biggest struggles that law firms face is finding a quality medical specialist that will treat their lien-based client.  Surgicare has a solution to this problem in that we have compiled a network of surgeons that are highly skilled and trained.

Your uninsured or financially deficient client

will be pleased to have the same access to quality care as any other insured individual.  We are proud to inform you that the majority of the surgeons in our network are board certified and many have multiple board certifications.

The experienced staff at Surgicare will serve

as a liaison between the law firm and our network of medical providers allowing your clients to have immediate access to our specialists.  By using our services the old days of having your legal staff spend unproductive hours arranging scheduling,  “chasing” medical bills and records, and spending hours coordinating care are obsolete.

Contact us at (713) 239-2309 so that we can schedule your injured client with one of our quality medical providers.


Discover How Our Medical Network Can Help Your Team

Q:  What kind of medical specialists are in the Surgicare network?

A: Surgicare has access to a vast network of medical professionals, including spine orthopedic surgeons, general orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, general  surgeons, podiatrists, neurologists, pulmonologists, psychologists, and neuropsychologists.

Q:  Does the law firm need to contact the specialist's office to refer a client?

A:  No, Surgicare is a full-service funding company which will assist you throughout the entire process.  Simply provide us with the pertinent medical records and we will connect your client with the appropriate specialist.

Surgicare Connects Attorneys and Uninsured
Patients with Leading Medical Professionals who Care and Help!

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