Medical Lien Funding

At Surgicare, we understand the struggles that attorneys and law firms face when searching for quality lien-based medical care for their injured clients.  Whether it is facing the reality of providing costly medical expenses needed to treat your client or working  with medical providers that are not accustomed to lien-based care.  These issues can be frustrating creating both a financial burden for the attorney as well as an administrative nightmare for the legal staff handling the personal injury case.

Our mission is to provide a place

that will alleviate all of your concerns allowing the attorney and their staff to concentrate on the legal work necessary to achieve the best outcome for their injured client.  Surgicare is prepared to provide funding of costly medical treatments, such as surgeries and hospitalization, through the purchase of personal injury liens from medical providers.  This will enable the law firm to utilize their resources to fight the legal case through the expensive litigation process instead on medical care.

The personal injury liens acquired by Surgicare

are non-recourse meaning that in the unfortunate event that the personal injury case ends up with an adverse outcome and no recovery, we will assume the entire risk and absorb the loss.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is medical lien funding?

A: When a medical lien is placed against a patient by a hospital or medical practice, it can be purchased by a lien funding company such as Surgicare which will pay the hospital (medical bills) during a lawsuit that is filed against the defendant.  This allows the attorney's client to receive the medical treatment necessary in advance. The expected claim and recovery on the lawsuit is used as collateral.

Q: How much does medical funding cost?

A:  Surgicare's goal is to allow the attorney to concentrate on the legal work necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for their client.  Therefore, there are no out-of-pocket expenses to the patient or the attorney, nor any upfront fees or interest.

Q: What type of surgeries qualify for medical lien funding?

A:  Major surgeries include but are not limited to neck, back, fusions, shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, hip, knee, ankle/foot, plastic surgery and general surgery.  We also fund non-surgical procedures such as pain management and costly diagnostic testing.

Q: Is Surgicare's medical & surgical funding non-recourse?

A: Yes, medical & surgical funding is non-recourse meaning if your case has an adverse outcome, Surgicare will assume the entire risk; you do not owe us  anything.


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