Funding for Medical Providers

It is the unfortunate reality that the recent trends in healthcare have financially impacted the medical practice leading to an increase in overhead and simultaneous decrease in reimbursements from the insurance carriers.  As a result, most medical providers are left searching for alternative ways to supplement their loss in revenues to cover their expenses.

Now through the services of Surgicare

medical providers can provide medical care to uninsured patients that were victims of a motor vehicle accident.

Stop having your administrative staff turn away

personal injury patients due to uncertainty of receiving payments or the fear of delays in payments.  Surgicare has provided a solution for your practice that will convert those fears into immediate revenue for your practice resulting in an increase of cash flow and working capital by allowing us to purchase your personal injury liens.  We guaranteed payment to providers within 30 days of receiving the necessary documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is medical or surgical funding for patients involved in an accident?

A: Surgicare allows plaintiffs involved in a personal injury lawsuit to receive the medical treatment necessary if he or she is uninsured, underinsured or has a high deductible.  Surgicare is prepared to provide funding for such costly medical treatments like surgeries and hospitalizations, through the purchase of personal injury liens from medical providers.

Q:  How does Medical & Surgical Funding work?

A:  The plaintiff will receive treatment by a healthcare provider.  Surgicare then pays the healthcare provider for the medical treatment.  Surgicare is repaid from the proceeds of the personal injury settlement if and when one would occur.

Q:  How long is the funding process?

A: Surgicare guarantees payment to providers within 30 days of receiving the necessary documents to complete the file.  The underwriting process is simple, quick and performed locally to expedite the process.

Q:  What is the application process to get medical funding?

A: Simply complete the form below and provide us with a brief history about the case and the medical procedure recommended.  Once the application is received, we will contact the law firm representing the patient to obtain additional information about the case.


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